Stem Cells and Cloning

Stem cells are undifferentiated or unspecialized cells without a specific function because they have not yet changed into specific tissue cells. Stem cells are different to other body cells because during division they present the following characteristics:

  1. They produce new copies of themselves indefinitely.
  2. They produce new cells that under the right stimuli can develop into different tissues of which the human body is composed of.
  3. They can colonies and repair sick tissues or organs, replacing sick cells with healthy cells.

Cloning is a set of laboratory methods and techniques that allows us to reproduce any biological material as many times as we want, specifically cells, DNA, etc. We could say that cloning is the same as photocopying, that is, to make as many identical copies of something as we need. ery easily, what we want to clone are very special cells called stem cells.


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